Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eight is Great

This year marked eight years for Chris and I.  Eight great, fantastic, exciting, and adventurous years.

To celebrate this milestone we laid in bed until Chris noticed there was still time to get McDonald's breakfast.  So up and out the door he went to get the golden goods of the "Golden Arches."  And yes, we love Mickey D's breakfasts so much that it is used to help us celebrate big events.

While Chris was gone, I got out of bed, walked into the kitchen, and was greeted by the most beautiful vase full of white lilies, two golden wrapped boxes, and a card.  I shed a tear or two.  As soon as he got home I gave him the biggest hug and kiss and he then proceeded to tell me how he searched to find the white lilies.  Florists tried to get him to take the pink lilies, but he knew that the white were my favorite, so he continued until he got the most perfect ones.  The ones that were identical to those of the ones that were in my wedding bouquet eight years earlier.  Along with those was my card, that I read next, and I again cried.  And last, but most certainly not least, were those two golden boxes.  I was scared to open them because I knew that no matter what was inside I was going to cry.  So I opened them to find the most beautiful, creamy, white pearls; a necklace and earrings.  And guess what... I cried again.  The effort he took in getting me the most beautiful and romantic gifts was just too special not to shed a tear or two... or three.
 But you guys, I really dropped the ball this year.  I got him a card!  A card!  With our Anniversary falling right after the Holidays our budget is pretty spent so we usually have a no gift policy in place.  So naturally, I just assumed this year was the same. But to make up for it I'm gonna have to get him something awesome for his birthday.  I'm already working on it.
The rest of our day was spent relaxing, shopping, then dinner at Bonefish, followed by cupcakes for dessert.
It was a great day spent with the man that has held my heart for eight plus years and many many more to come.  I love you Chris!  xoxox


A little lunch at Chris' parents house turned into quite an event when Marlo and Max's playing took an unexpected turn.  With the sound of a crashing lamp, some laughter, and then the shocked gasp of a stunned Charlie, who then uttered the words, "Oh no!! He's stuck", our afternoon turned into a rescue mission.

Somehow as Max was playing with Marlo he jumped off the couch after her and landed himself into this position:
Yes folks, you are seeing that right.  Poor Max somehow lodged himself in between the metal legs of this little table and he wasn't budging.  After we checked to make sure he wasn't hurt and that his breathing wasn't being interfered with, the situation turned from scary, to somewhat funny, to confused on how we were going to get him out of this situation.  
Chris and I trying our hardest not to laugh out loud.  But after we realized that he wasn't hurt or in pain the situation turned a little comical.

But this picture does break my heart.  He was so sad about the predicament he found himself in.

With 2 pairs of hands holding him up and trying to comfort him, the other 2 worked at trying to get the legs unscrewed from the table.  But when it was realized that they were welded to the table more drastic measures were took.  Charlie brought in a car jack and was able to separate the legs enough for Max to squeeze out.  It was quite the event that ended with one happy healthy pup and provided a group of people with a pretty good laugh.  We love you Max!

The Clock Strikes Twelve

There is absolutely no comparison between our 2011 year and 2012 year.  In 2011 we were fighting tooth and nail to keep from losing everything we had and in 2012 we were finally seeing the fruits of all those labors. 

In 2012, Chris and I finally found ourselves conquering goals and realizing dreams.  Chris worked his tush off to say the least.  But because of all his perseverance, tenacity, determination, and patience he was able to do things with our company that left us completely flabbergasted at the progress in such a short amount of time.  

And even though we saw such growth and increase in 2012, we spent our New Year's Eve making new goals and dreaming new dreams for both business and family and prioritizing those from most important to least, over a nice little intimate dinner at Red Lobster.

And all though in our minds we saw ourselves saying farewell to the year 2012 in grand fashion, with fireworks, explosions, confetti, and a huge parade in its honor, we kept things low key by parking ourselves on the couch, watching the ball drop in Times Square, giving each other our customary New Year smooch, and then retiring to bed.  
Last pictures taken in 2012.

Much like 2012, we are excited to see 2013.  We are already on our way at making it one to remember.      

Snow Business

This year Chris and I had one wish, hope, and longing for our trip home to Idaho.  One wish that we seem to have every year, but sadly we are always left disappointed and sad.  But oh no... not this year.  This year went above and beyond in delivering to us the beautiful white, fluffy, coldness of snow.  We couldn't have been more thrilled.  It was a Christmas gift in and of itself.

I love snow.  I love the way it makes me want to burrow myself deep into a cozy blanket with a book and a mug of hot chocolate.  It's all just very comforting.  But like all sports, I don't participate in snow sports either.  It all just goes back to my lack of coordination and I'm just not interested in it.  But I do enjoy sledding (not that it is considered a sport by any means) and if I'm able to squeeze in a sledding day at least once every year, well then, that's two thumbs up in my book.

But if I say that I love snow, it is safe to say that Chris love, love, loves snow.  Yes... he loves it that much.  It is one of the reasons he finds it so difficult to even consider making Alabama our forever home.  So every Winter, just like every Summer, Chris and his buddies get together and take an annual snowboarding trip to Targhee.  He always comes back completely exhausted and worn out, so I think it is safe to assume he has an absolute blast.

Targhee is absolutely beautiful and with the skies being so clear it really made for some beautiful pictures.  I'm so happy that he took a moment to snap some to show me.

But Chris and I aren't the only ones with a soft place for snow in our hearts.  We have a little snow bunny (or puppy?) on our hands. 
 Twinkee could have spent the majority of her days having Chris throw snowballs for her.  Her favorite was letting them break on her face.  It was pretty cute.

So between the sledding, the snowboarding, and the snowy love of one pup we left behind the winter wonderland of our winter vacation feeling very fulfilled.