Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday To Chris

Just like all my posts, this one too is better late than never...

Well, another birthday has come and gone.  I seriously find it hard to believe that yet again I am sitting here writing another birthday post (I may be in denial).  But with every double check of the calendar, lo and behold, it is that time again. Where does the time go?
The week leading up to Chris' big day was spent like any other week for the most part.  We were both busy busy busy preparing for our trip to Idaho, so it unfortunately didn't leave much free time to squeeze in birthday festivities.  So this year proved a little harder to actually give the Birthday Boy a birthday week.  He reassured me he didn't care, but I cared.  
We spent his actual birthday having family and friends over for a very simple/ low key lunch.  Nothing too fancy since we were leaving very early the following morning.  When I asked the birthday boy what he would like to eat, he requested these delicious mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches that I make, and in lieu of a cake we had our favorite chocolate covered donuts for people to feast on (I purchased a single slice of cake to have something to put the candles in).  So between opening his presents (the biggest being his new gun that he got earlier in the week), making his birthday wishes, and playing games I would say he still had a great birthday. 
Making a birthday wish.  
Mya's picture of Uncle Chris and Aunt Neil enjoying a birthday pastry.  

And as night fell and our bags were all packed and loaded in the car, I treated him to a round of wings at Beef O'Brady's to finish out his night.   

Happy 32nd Birthday sweetheart! I love you! xoxox