Saturday, September 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

One of the best parts of leaving for the summer is knowing that at the end we always get to come back HOME.  To a place that is ours and has only been ours and no one elses. To a place that is filled with such worldly things, but things none the less that spark memories of past adventures and experiences.  I love walking into our house for the first time after being gone all summer and smelling the stuffy air, knowing that it hasn't been lived in and has anxiously been awaiting our return just as much as we have been anticipating the return to it.  I love removing the covers from all the furniture and seeing the dust gather in the air, and with every new unveiling of what lies beneath it slowly brings our house back to life.  Now almost three weeks later, the sweet aromatic smell of my Scentsy enhances all the background smells of my cleaners and fresh laundry.  Smells that are so familiar and oh so welcoming.  With all the hard work done, it is so refreshing to just plop down on the couch and take that sigh of relief, and while looking around, just simply realize just how good it is to be HOME.