Friday, October 30, 2009

Taking It Easy

The most common question that Chris and I get asked, after we return from our summer of working is "What do you guys do now?"  To which I always reply, "Not much."  There is no better way to put it.  In the past, Chris' job has always allowed him to take the winters off and relax until the arrival of the next strenuous summer.  But with him owning his own company now, things have changed... a little.  He works, but nowhere near the amount of hours he did in the summer.  As for me, in the past I have always gotten some sort of temporary job, that was basically there to help keep me busy and bring in a little extra spending cash.  I didn't mind it.  But this winter I have opted to stay home and continue my duties that I did in the summer.  Right now, our focus is working on getting everything ready to possibly expand our company to another state.  So we are keeping our fingers crossed that all will work out with that goal of ours.  And between all of that we are just having the best time being with family and friends, catching up on all of our favorite TV shows, and I have made it a huge goal to finally conquer my little to do list.  
See.  Like I said.  We don't do much.  But this is the way we like it.  Our summers are always so crazy and hectic that the time just flies right past us.  But, when the fall/ winter seasons roll around it gives us the opportunity to slow time down... just a little.