Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Countdown

The start of this new year brought with it for me a huge feeling of being overwhelmed.  The next few months are so packed full of personal opportunities and professional obligations that I'm struggling to figure out how it's all going to fit together.  And that's when I slowly inhale then exhale and remember to take it one step and a time.

So, as I work towards marking this blog off my to- do- list I will simply start where I left off.  Enjoy.

Our countdown to Christmas was in full swing.  After the company party we were left with about a week and a half to get the rest of our traditions in before we were set to embark on our journey home.  And then out of nowhere I. GOT. SICK.  It was awful.  The whole week could have been a dud. Except for the one day where Chris forced me to stay in bed, I managed to drag myself around in a haze and slowly cross items from my Christmas to- do- list.  

All the presents were bought and wrapped (a first for us), the cards were sent out, we shopped for our "Angel" and hoped he had as much fun with what we got him as we had finding it for him, we started watching our favorite Christmas movies (the above, shows me crossing two items off my list at once),

we listened to Christmas music nonstop, made delicious Christmas sugar cookies (I warned all who ate them they may be contaminated with my sickness and to eat at their own risk),

visited Bellingrath Gardens to take in all the light displays, 

and had Christmas #1 with my brother and his family since we were both headed in opposite directions of the country for the holidays.  We celebrated with a delicious dinner, a gift exchange, and topped the evening off with another Christmas movie.

Our spirits were high.  With the conclusion of this week we were all set to drive home for 2 full weeks of Christmas fun.