Friday, August 3, 2012

Summertime Update

Our summer has been filled with rain, rain, and more rain, which makes it even more humid and almost unbearable when it isn't raining.  But when it rains here it isn't a light drizzle and then it's over.  It is the type of storm that has thunder that shakes your window panes, lightening that takes your breath away, wind that rips up your small little plants, and rain that quickly starts to flood and next thing you know there is a lake in your yard.  It goes as fast as it comes but when it is an everyday occurrence it can quickly get old.

These pictures are my pathetic attempts at trying to capture a storm.  They do it no justice.  After this storm one of my cute little mum plants was unearthed.  

We have made it to the beach a couple times but with it being high tourist season the traffic down there is insane and it makes going a little stressful.  

Chris has been rescuing his favorite reptile, the turtle, every chance he gets.  They are all over here and sadly are commonly found ran over on the road.  If we see one that may be alive he insists we stop, check to see if it is in need of help, and then proceed from there.  I don't mind.  They are awfully cute.

He brought this little guy home to show me the other day before he took him to a safe place to release him.  

And in between work we can usually be found doing something indoors.  It is way to hot to enjoy any outdoor activities.  

As of right now we are preparing for the road trip to Idaho.  We are so looking forward to some family and friend time. 

Well, that's it really.  Our last few weeks in a nutshell.  We will see you all soon.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrating the Fourth

Our Independence Day was celebrated much like that of last year, only this year we had a bigger budget and a better idea of what we wanted.  We wanted more BOOM!  And that's exactly what we got.  We took our trip to the firework warehouse and wondered the isles until Chris found exactly what he wanted our show to consist of.

Last year we had a shopping basket, this year we upgraded to the shopping cart.  We planned on leaving with a lot of stuff.

Before the show was set to begin we all gathered together for a BBQ and dessert.

My very simple yet patriotic table scape.

Angel food cupcakes with home made whipped cream.  Between the actual dessert and the pinwheels these things were a hit and gone in a snap.

The guys loving the cupcakes and Chris loving the pinwheels.

The evening's lineup.

Getting the mortars ready for their debut.

Towards the end of the night we took a little break to release a paper lantern.  It was very calming after nothing but explosions the last couple of hours.  

Scariest moment of the night was when a mortar that was lit tipped over and shot back towards where we were sitting.  We couldn't help but find it humorous but it was truly terrifying.  

The whole day was fantastic.  We love this country and love being Americans.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

This was an evening of warm summer weather and beautifully colored balloons.  It was all pretty close to perfection.

Miramar Beach, FL

I'm kind of all over the place with these posts, so please forgive me for the confusion.

During my sister's visit I was not only surprised with her but then Chris had one more surprise up his sleeve.  He told me that he had booked us at a beach resort in Florida for a couple days and it was strictly girls only.  Once again I was in shock and left speechless.  I mean really.  Beach.  Resort.  The words themselves just scream awesome times to come.  

Since this was just a girls weekend we called up Ashley and said, "Hey, do you, Mya, and your Mom (she was in town also) wanna go?" and then they said, "Heck yeah!" or something along those lines.  So the next day we packed up the car and made the 2 hour drive to the beautiful Emerald Coast.  

The resort was huge and beautiful and everyone there was so kind.  They kindly upgraded our room to a huge suite for free and we were left flabbergasted.  The room was huge and so very nice. 

View from our balcony.

Some quick and not so good snapshots of the room.  Everyone had their own bed with the exception of me and my sister.  We shared the king bed.

We didn't waste any time at all getting into our suits and jumping into the water.  Over the next 2 days that is where we could all be found.  Amanda and I spent the majority of our time in the ocean fighting strong currents and getting pummeled by huge waves.  As for Ashley, Mya, and Mega they found themselves loving the calmness of the big outdoor pool.  Whatever our preference, we all had an amazing time.  Amanda and I got way too much sun and had the burns to prove it, Mya never tired of jumping off the side into the pool, Ashley for once didn't get burnt which still has me scratching my head (she always burns), and I believe Mega enjoyed having such a unique time to spend with her daughter and granddaughter. 

That little red flag is indicating that the hazard level in the water is high.  I know we sure took a beating.  It was exhausting fighting the waves, but at the same time it was so much fun.  I was laughing so hard at my sister being washed up on shore like a dead fish.  

Sun was a little too bright on the eyes.

Soaking up the sun's rays.  I would later come to regret this decision greatly.

All that swimming made Mya ravenous.

Amanda, Me, and Ashley

Mya and Me

That resort was more than I could have imagined.  Thanks Chris for always spoiling me rotten with so many great opportunities. Loves!  XOXOX

Reeling Them In

When you add the big blue wide open ocean with fishing you get one of Chris' all time favorite activities, deep sea fishing. So when he was invited to go deep sea fishing with some people from our ward he jumped on the opportunity.  He had been once before when we vacationed in Mexico a few years back and has wanted to do it again ever since.

The men were mainly going out for one thing and that is the Red Snapper.   Many of fish were caught that day, but my man caught the biggest and in my humble opinion, probably the most delicious. 

Chris with the catch of the day.

That Red Snapper made some of the most delicious fish tacos I have eaten.  We can't wait for when he gets to do it again because really there are very few things that are better than that of fresh fish.

Surprise Visitor

In early June my sister managed to pull off quite the surprise when she showed up in Alabama.  I had absolutely no idea and was literally speechless when I saw her.  Speechless... but ecstatic.  She would be with us for about a week and oh the week we would have.

We took a trip to a beach resort (more on that to come), shopped, went to an arcade, shopped, ate delicious food, shopped, and simply just relaxed and enjoyed the time we had.  But mostly her trip here consisted of us shopping.  It was all very fabulous.

Thanks for the most unexpected but also the most awesome surprise!  Love you Sis!