Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally Done

We managed to pack in a lot of fun into the 2 weeks that we were in Idaho.  Chris went on his yearly snowboarding trip with his friends, I took a quick trip to Boise with my Mom and sister, we got to see our dearest friends that we miss so much and their sweet new babies, squeezed in family time every chance we got, we played a lot of Laser Tag (I found out I have mad skills and beat Chris every time!  Holla!),  shopped (?) at Pine Ridge Mall and questioned why it is still called a mall,  enjoyed the walnut shrimp that I can't get anywhere else but Chang's, and simply wore ourselves out from all the running around we did that the thought of getting back to Alabama brought us a sense of relief.  We loved every minute of Christmas Break, but boy it sure can take it out of you.  By the time we got back we were exhausted and in much need of a vacation.

But we weren't the only ones that had a blast.  Our two animals got spoiled rotten with attention and love.

And I love that when I couldn't find them and would search and search there was one place that they would end up being........ They loved Elle the Hamster.  While Twinkee thought Elle was the coolest thing she had ever laid eyes on and wanted so badly to play with her

Somebody looks awfully guilty about something.

Marlo saw Elle as a delicious little snack that she couldn't quite get to.  I still believe that Marlo is a lover not a hunter, but Chris thinks otherwise.

Elle maybe small but she sure has grit.  She stood her own and looked danger straight in the eye. 

That's it.  I'm all done.  It's only March now, but I finally managed to finish Christmas Break.  You can't see it, but trust me when I tell you I am crying out of pure happiness right now. Ta ta!