Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Twenty-eighth

I celebrated my birthday this year with a couple different parties.  I blew out the candles of my 28th birthday cake surrounded by family while they were here visiting for Spring Break and then again once my Mom arrived to town, it was then we had my "birthday dinner" with more family and friends at Bonefish followed by another cake and presents.
I don't have many pictures but believe me when I tell you that I was once again spoiled rotten.  I think it is worth noting though that my husband is pretty amazing (if I do say so myself).  For my birthday he went to the store and picked out perfume and a new pair of UGG flats for me all by himself.  He did great!  I loved the scent and the shoes.  Such confidence from him to get his wife something special.  I love it!
Cake #1
Cake #2
I always get the most unique birthday cards.
My mom hasn't been able to celebrate a birthday with me in a few years so it was pretty special her being here.  
Thanks everyone for all the love sent my way on my birthday.  


vanessa said...

So cute, Daneile. Happy belated Birthday!!! Glad you got to have your sweet mom there for it!!!

Momma Shelynn said...

I loved spending time with you Daneile...Like you wrote it has been awhile since I have seen you during your Birthday...Wow you are growing up way to fast..Love Mom...